Bestow Meaning Upon Your Most Sacred Spaces

Designed to resemble stones you might find on the ground, Sacred Ground sculptures celebrate the artistic process of ever-becoming, the excitement of energy moving from one person or object to another, as well as the blending of organic and crystalline forms in Nature. Featuring multilingual inscriptions and surface designs, each one acts as a “Rosetta stone” that connects us to universal community values. Every sculpture makes a resonant declaration that calls viewers to mindful attention: “You are standing on sacred ground.” So, naturally, we must treat it right.

As seen in his design forms like the Peace Prayer Fountain, Exclamation! and The Universal Weave, Sculptor Hank Kaminsky is captivated by fields, sets of “discrete objects connected and interacting, always in relationship to each other, intimately connected by proximity and responsive to energy.”

He explores these energy fields using a sculptural casting process, layering conventional concrete, reinforced with a mesh of basalt fibers, and weaving together intricate surface details with decorative lettering and symbols from many languages. Like an ageless artifact, painted in sacred earthen tones of yellow and red, each piece is the artist’s rendering of the divine. A stirring monument to the energy that connects all creation together as one, a Sacred Ground sculpture brings a feeling of peace to the home, whether a garden space, entryway or family room.

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