Current Work

The Spirit Wind Series

My sculptures these days are little poems about the nature of god and the peace that comes from knowing that no matter how scattered or chaotic our understanding we are still connected to greater truths.

The sphere is a universal form, the shape of planets, balls, seedpods, beginnings, perfection,  I have worked with spheres for many years. I have also been fascinated with the idea that energy travels through space invisibly.  Our eyes are only equipped to respond to certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation: the visible spectrum. As an engineering student I was offered the tools to measure that phenomena: Meters to measure the amplitude, frequency and other characteristics of energy flow. But what did it look like? And how did this appearance relate to us, how we looked?

Just as I learned that god was not necessarily an old man with a grudge, I also learned that energy flow had something to do with universals. That god could be seen as a kind of glue that held it all together and that as an artist I could speculate as to what it looked like without fear of being told I was wrong. 

I hope you enjoy my speculations. I hope they give you the kind of Peace they give me. 


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Spirit Wind series #25 Sand matrix designed zinc 7" tall
Spirit Wind series #25 Sand matrix designed zinc 7" tall




Spirit Wind series #24 Sand designed zinc 7" tall



Spirit Wind #23 Sand Designed Zinc 7" tall


Spirit Wind series #33 Zinc

Spirit Wind #31 Sand Designed 7" tall


Spirit Wind #43 Sand Designed Zinc 9" tall


Spirit Wind series #46 Sand Designed 9" tall


Spirit Wind #40 Sand Designed Zinc 7" tall