March 15, 2013 by Hank in Uncategorized

Into the sandbox

Once a concept is committed to clay it begins a journey through a process of discovery involving the mold making discipline. When I made the Pages from the Book of the Earth series I took no shortcuts. The process of mold making and casting was the classical concept we have

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March 13, 2013 by Apryl Okoroafor in Jewelry

From Wax to Plaster

After the perfect wax pendants have been cleaned, trimmed and stamped with a “STRL” stamp to mark them for pouring in silver, the pendants are treed up in wax trees.  The picture in the upper left corner (labeled 1) show’s several wax trees awaiting the investment process.  Most everything we

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March 11, 2013 by Apryl Okoroafor in Jewelry

Treeing up Wax Pendants

I love working in the wax and treeing up pendants is relaxing for me.  Let me walk you through the process of treeing up wax pendants. Step 1:  Create the sprew or the tree itself.  I take a strip of sprew wax that is in long segments and cut it

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March 06, 2013 by Hank in Uncategorized

Pages from the Book of the Earth, continued

The process of building my fictional landscapes start in clay. Here’s a little fantasy done back in 2006. In the first image you see 2 pilgrims on the lower right approaching the walls of a cliff. It is the entrance to a place I’d like to think of as my

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February 27, 2013 by Apryl Okoroafor in Jewelry

One Step in the Jewelry Making Process

There is much work involved in taking an idea and making it into a polished shiny new pendent to be worn as an earring or a necklace.  This is just one stop in that process.  These rough little pendants are well on their way to being finished.  What you see

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February 27, 2013 by Hank in Uncategorized

Pages From the Book of the Earth, a sculptor’s dream, the earth speaks

  I want to introduce a new plan unfolding at Kaminsky Studios. Back in 2004 I had the golden opportunity to produce a series of sculptures that gave me the chance to speak about some of the ideas I have been nurturing for many years. I called the collection: Pages

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December 06, 2012 by Hank in Blog

The Evolution of Art and of a Man

I don’t call myself a jeweler for good reason. I am a sculptor, have been for a very long time, since I was 19 years old. Back in New York, where I grew up I made my abstract sculptures happily exploring the visual world in clay. I loved it! I

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October 10, 2012 by Hank in Uncategorized

On Fields

On fields  Come walk with me into the field across the road. The grass is high but it is not quite time to mow. It is a beautiful day under the baking sun and the blades of grass sway and tickle your arms and your knees. You feel the energy

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August 06, 2012 by Hank in Blog

Mysteries of the Invisible World

When you were a child you imagined having special powers that allowed you to see into the mysteries of the invisible world. That’s what it’s like to be an artist. You can place yourself at the door to the mystery and allow the magic to enter you as you make

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August 06, 2012 by Hank in Blog

Making Visible The Invisible World

The featured sculpture of this new day, this web-launching day is the large Sacred Ground disk. This was the first sculpture of this collection to be shown at the Fayetteville Arkansas Farmers Market. The way to see the sculpture is to imagine you are looking through a window, a circular

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